From a hushed whisper to soaring heights of power and passion, Rebecca Lascue possesses a voice that commands attention. For the last few years, this rising singer-songwriter from Regina, Saskatchewan has been captivating audiences with her beautiful, dynamic voice and personal, yet universal songs. If Regina Spektor and Joni Mitchell magically morphed into a single entity you would have an idea of what Rebecca’s distinct brand of indie folk pop is all about.

Coming from a musical family, Rebecca fondly recalls her upbringing: “Mom taught us to sing harmonies when we were still in diapers.” As well, she cites her grandparents as being a significant influence growing up. Rebecca proudly says, “My grandma, Dorothy Greenbank, was an amazing performer – probably the most charismatic person I’ve ever met. She was hilarious, told amazing stories, and also had an incredibly caring heart and ability to connect to people.”

When seeing Rebecca perform, it’s apparent that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree since she has a natural knack for connecting with her audience. According to Rebecca, you can expect “a lot of giggling, random stories, and heartfelt songs” at one of her shows. She explains, “I try to invite (the audience) into the show by talking to them a lot and creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a living room house concert – intimate, relaxed and fun.” Rebecca, who is also an accomplished actress (Pride and Prejudice, Globe Theatre) and playwright (co-writer of Daffily Ever After, Globe Theatre Sandbox Series), is one of those rare people who are born to perform onstage.

In recent years, Rebecca has had the opportunity to perform with an impressive list of artists including Ashley MacIsaac, Rae Spoon, Colleen Brown, Alexis Normand, Ann Vriend, Ingrid Gatin, Brett Dolter and Glenn Sutter. She has earned spots on the mainstages of the All Folked Up in Montmarte Folk Festival and Taste of Saskatchewan. As well, she embarked on a 16 show tour of Eastern Canada in 2012 where she partnered with VIA Rail as their On-Board Entertainer.

In 2009, Rebecca was bit by the wanderlust bug and travelled abroad with stints in Ireland and Greece. Her experiences overseas helped trigger the creative juices that would eventually result with her stunning debut EP Love, Loss, and Hot Chocolate.

Produced by Orion Paradis at SoulSound Recording Studios (Library Voices, Belle Plaine, The Dead South), Rebecca’s debut is an impressive collection of acoustic folk pop songs that are primarily focused on matters of the heart. While journeys abroad may have ignited her initial inspirations for these six songs, it is clear that being away from the comforts of home made Rebecca look inward and write deeply personal songs that will no doubt resonate with listeners. Touching on universal themes of love and loss, Rebecca Lascue shows a confidence and gift for melody that demands repeat listens with her debut EP.

Love, Loss, and Hot Chocolate kicks off in fine fashion with “Let Go,” a reflective song about coming to terms with past relationships and making peace with the past. According to Rebecca, she had a moment of inspiration while “on a very late night ferry boat from Athens, Greece, to Santorini. I was thinking about some lost relationships (both romantic and otherwise) that I was dealing with. I was in a good place at that time, and had that feeling that sometimes you just have to let go and move forward.”

With songs as moving as the gorgeous, Celtic tinged “Irish Wanderer” and the spare, haunting ballad “This Lonely Space,” Rebecca Lascue makes it easy for the listener to let go and surrender to her uplifting sonic soundscapes.

After officially unveiling her EP with release shows in Regina and Saskatoon in November, Rebecca plans on playing more shows in Saskatchewan in early 2015 with an extensive national tour to follow. Stay tuned for details.

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