Ode to Winter Wednesday #6

Happy Wednesday everyone!

This week’s “Ode to Winter Wednesday” festivities include another two-part duo of merriment!

1) A Video! For all of you folks who are getting a little bit sick of Christmas music, this one is for you! I thought I’d do a non-holiday themed cover this week, so I chose “The Story” by Brandi Carlile. I love this song, and after coming home last night and keeping my wonderful man-friend up well into the night with my musings on life (poor guy…he had to work this morning while I slept in…how mean am I?!), I was feeling a little sentimental about those people in our lives who always lend us an ear. I hope you like the song!

2) A Contest! My goal for this week is to hear my song played on My 92.1 – but I need your help! Anyone who requests my song will receive a free download of my album AND my holiday single! Just comment on this post or message me (via twitter, Facebook, email) to let me know you requested the song.

You can request the song by:
e-mailing: gmorgan@harvardbroadcasting.com
phoning: (306) 546-6200

Thanks in advance for your support!

Have a great week!

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