Celebrating my Red-Headed Roots

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Truth be told, there actually isn’t that much Irish in my family tree. I believe my great, great, great grandmother was from Ireland. However, I feel like that Irish heritage shines proudly in my bright red hair!

Almost six years ago I got to spend a summer living in Dublin with my best friend and soul sister, Becky. We literally slept in the same bed for 3 months straight (times were tight!), drank copious amounts of Guiness and learned as many cool Irish words as we could (Put that blanket in the “press”! No wait, don’t, it’s so “manky”! That’s Irish for “cupboard” and “disgusting”, no bid deal…). Our Irish roomie Niall put up with our crazy antics, which included essentially saddling him with two more female roommates all summer – the American girls – otherwise known as Kelsey and Claire.


Myself and some of my besties. And yes, I did essentially have an afro…not one of my proudest moments…

To celebrate St. Patrick’s day (St. Patrick’s cathedral was down the street from our apartment in Dublin), a couple friends and myself recorded a cover version of a beautiful old Irish folk song called “The Parting Glass”. It is often sung at funerals or at the end of a fun night (two extremes, yes?).

So raise a glass of green beer and enjoy the video:


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