Happy Wednesday everyone!

This week’s “Ode to Winter Wednesday” festivities include another two-part duo of merriment!

1) A Video! For all of you folks who are getting a little bit sick of Christmas music, this one is for you! I thought I’d do a non-holiday themed cover this week, so I chose “The Story” by Brandi Carlile. I love this song, and after coming home last night and keeping my wonderful man-friend up well into the night with my musings on life (poor guy…he had to work this morning while I slept in…how mean am I?!), I was feeling a little sentimental about those people in our lives who always lend us an ear. I hope you like the song!

2) A Contest! My goal for this week is to hear my song played on My 92.1 – but I need your help! Anyone who requests my song will receive a free download of my album AND my holiday single! Just comment on this post or message me (via twitter, Facebook, email) to let me know you requested the song.

You can request the song by:
e-mailing: gmorgan@harvardbroadcasting.com
phoning: (306) 546-6200

Thanks in advance for your support!

Have a great week!

Happy Wednesday!

You may have noticed that last week’s “Ode to Winter Wednesday” post was mysteriously missing…my apologies! I ran into some technical difficulties (a.k.a. my severe lack of skill editing videos!) and wasn’t able to get my newest video done on time. Oh well, instant forgiveness, right?! So, better late than never, I am excited to unveil my attempt at a music video for “Ode to Winter”! Here it is:

What a lovely still frame shot of me…eek.

Since this is a double-whammy Wednesday, I’m also running a contest! CBC is holding a contest until this FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11th, where you can let them know your favorite holiday song. I would love if “Ode to Winter” could make its way onto the list of holiday favorites, so if you tell CBC how much you are digging my song I will send you a free download! Here are the contest details:

CBC Radio’s The Morning Edition is looking for your story behind your favourite Christmas carol. 

If you have a favourite carol, make your pitch to The Morning Edition. 

Tell us what your favourite carol is and why.

Call talkback: 1-800-661-7540
Email: morningedition@cbc.ca
Tweet: #CBCCarolOff

Every person who enters has a chance to win a CBC winter prize back and a CD from The Morning Edition’s musical guest, Eli Barsi. 

There you have it! A chance to win a CBC prize pack AND a download of my single! Wowza!

Thanks in advance for your support, and I’ll write ya next Wednesday!





Another “Ode to Winter Wednesday” has arrived! How the weeks fly by…

First of all, in less than ONE WEEK “Ode to Winter” will be available on iTunes! December 1st!!!

Back to our Wednesday festivities – the winner of last week’s competition is…drum roll please…@nutriciously!

For this week’s video I recruited my wonderful mother and sister to join me yet again to sing our rendition of “Carol of the Bells”. We have been singing this song for years, and inevitably Kate and I start going too fast and poor Joy can’t keep up with the lyrics…haha, the fun of singing with family!

I hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching.

Until next week!

Time for “Ode to Winter Wednesday #2!”

This week will feature my first CONTEST! There are two ways to enter:

1) You can “like” my Facebook Fan Page or follow me on Twitter


2)You can tweet about my upcoming single release using the handle or hashtag @rebeccalascue, ‪#‎odetowinter‬. The single will be on iTunes Dec 1st!

If you do either of the two actions listed above, you will be entered to win a free copy of my debut EP “Love, Loss, & Hot Chocolate” as well as a free download of the song. The winner will be announced next Wednesday!

Also, to spice things up, I wanted to feature a video of a good friend of mine, Glenn Sutter. He is a very talented musician, and an all around stand up guy, who is releasing a CD THIS SATURDAY Nov 21st at the Artful Dodger.

The event will begin at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

Here is one of Glenn’s video’s for your enjoyment smile emoticon

Happy Wednesday, and good luck!

It’s official! I am releasing a new holiday single, entitled “Ode to Winter” in  a few weeks. I can’t wait to share the song with all of you lovely people…but in the meantime, I’ve started what I like to call “Ode to Winter Wednesdays!” This is how it works:

Every Wednesday from now until the end of December, I will either release some new project (a video? a song? Who knows!?!) and/or run a contest. There will be many chances to win free copies of my E.P. “Love, Loss, & Hot Chocolate”, free merchandise, free downloads of the single, etc.

This week’s “Ode to Winter Wednesday” release is in honor of Remembrance Day, and dedicated to all the brave men and women of the armed forces who serve our country to defend our rights and freedoms. In WW2, both my Grandma and Grandpa entertained the troupes here in Canada as they were training and preparing to go fight overseas. As such, I thought it fitting to do a cover of an old wartime classic that my grandmother used to sing, called “The White Cliffs of Dover”. I am very excited to be joined by my wonderful mother, Joy, and my lovely sister, Kate.

A quick disclaimer: this is my first attempt at recording and doing a video all on my own, which leaves some serious room for improvement! There is certainly a steep learning curve…but I’m excited to get better and better with all this techie stuff over these next few months of “Ode to Winter Wednesdays!”

Thanks in advance for watching the video, and I hope you enjoy the song.

Please take a moment to remember all the brave souls who lost their lives in the service of our Country, and let us all feel grateful for the wonderful privileges we have.

Until next time,


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Truth be told, there actually isn’t that much Irish in my family tree. I believe my great, great, great grandmother was from Ireland. However, I feel like that Irish heritage shines proudly in my bright red hair!

Almost six years ago I got to spend a summer living in Dublin with my best friend and soul sister, Becky. We literally slept in the same bed for 3 months straight (times were tight!), drank copious amounts of Guiness and learned as many cool Irish words as we could (Put that blanket in the “press”! No wait, don’t, it’s so “manky”! That’s Irish for “cupboard” and “disgusting”, no bid deal…). Our Irish roomie Niall put up with our crazy antics, which included essentially saddling him with two more female roommates all summer – the American girls – otherwise known as Kelsey and Claire.


Myself and some of my besties. And yes, I did essentially have an afro…not one of my proudest moments…

To celebrate St. Patrick’s day (St. Patrick’s cathedral was down the street from our apartment in Dublin), a couple friends and myself recorded a cover version of a beautiful old Irish folk song called “The Parting Glass”. It is often sung at funerals or at the end of a fun night (two extremes, yes?).

So raise a glass of green beer and enjoy the video:


Hi everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day! You’ll have to forgive me for being a day late – I spent my Valentine’s day in various airports making my way down to Hawaii! This included a 6 hour delay, which resulted in an unplanned overnight flight. Let me tell you – when traveling with a toddler (my ridiculously cute nephew, Luke), these types of delays sure make life interesting!

Anyway, now we are here and enjoying the ocean view from our back deck. Life is good.

Back to Valentine’s day, I wanted to share a video that was recorded during my Regina EP release show for Love, Loss, & Hot Chocolate. This is the one-and-only love song I have ever written – turns out it’s really tricky to write a good, non-corny love song! I wrote this song one day when I was super grumpy and mad at my long time love for some reason…I can’t remember why, but I’m sure it was well justified!! Or at least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Maybe that’s the trick to writing love songs – write them when you’re feeling sassy…

Here it is: Irish Wanderer (filmed by Crushed Rockets). This song features backing vocals from some of my favorite people in this world: My mom, Joy Lascue, my sister, Kate Sudom, and my bro, Evan Lascue. They rock.

Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy :)

Irish Wanderer EP Release

I’ve been so lucky to have gotten some great press coverage to promote my EP release. (I almost wrote my “upcoming EP Release” – but it’s not upcoming anymore, it’s here! Wild!) Big shout out to Jen Eisler Publicity for her great work.

Here are some of the latest articles/videos:

CTV Morning Show Regina (I’m on at 2:08:00 and 2:18:00) –

CBC Radio-Canada Television Interview (in french; I’m on at 3:05) –


Leader Post: http://www.leaderpost.com/entertainment/Lascue+unveil+debut/10416172/story.html

The Prairie Dog: http://www.prairiedogmag.com/rebecca-lascue/#comment-547329

Buzz City: http://buzzcity.ca/index.php?id=833&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=418&cHash=88ce7d7c568346e0ce9398148c17f705

Also thank you to the Prairies North and Star Phoenix for publicizing the upcoming shows.

The Regina show is tomorrow night! Can’t wait!

If you haven’t entered into the final “Free Music Friday” draw, you still have time! If you buy any pre-sale tickets to any of my EP release shows before midnight tonight, you will be entered for the chance to win a prize package including:

A free copy of the EP, a piece of merchandise of your choosing, and a free hot-chocolate drink at the event!

Remember, pre-sale tickets can be bought online at https://www.picatic.com/lovelossandhotchocolate. If you can’t print out the ticket don’t worry – I’ll have your names on the guest list at the door. Good luck!

What a whirlwind of a week! I made my way up to Saskatoon on Thursday evening for a day full of interviews on Friday. First I hauled my butt out of bed to make it to CTV Saskatoon for an interview on their morning show. Here’s the video:

Then I visited the uber talented Kate Herriot (a Saskatoon based actress who most recently starred in Persephone Theatre’s production of Hedda Gabler) at CFCR’s “Mom, I’m a Thespian” for an interview alongside another guest, the incredibly talented Gilles Zolty, who composes music for theatre. After that I met with Johnny “Bacon Bits” the host of “The Buzz” on CFCR radio for another interview! What a day!

Big thanks to CFCR, Kate, Johnny, and all the good folks at CTV for their support.

The big show in Saskatoon is TONIGHT, and in typical Saskatchewan fashion this weekend has greeted me with a blizzard. Fingers crossed my band can make it up from Regina today!

Wish me luck!